The Twin Cities’ sweetheart of Bluegrass, Americana and Folk is Katey Bellville. Quiet and unassuming, Katey has been singing all her life and has received high marks from some of the huge artists of our day. But you wouldn’t know it when you meet her. Not until you hear her simple honest sweet songs.   -JazzyJ, Owner, Twin Cities Radio


In the words of Katey-

I grew up with a bluegrass and old-time music soundtrack playing in the background. Singing has always been very natural to me. I sing songs all day long about everything from putting on my socks, to what Im going to eat for breakfast. I won my first music competition singing at the Boyceville, WI ‘Pickle Festival’ when I was five years old. Soon I began singing harmony with my dad Rod Bellville, a popular fixture in the Westbank Old Time Music Scene, and eventually performing on my own.

I still love the old tunes, but now I mix them up with my original songs, and contemporary songwriters like Gillian Welch when I perform. I appreciate artists like myself, who combine their personal styles with a traditional sound. I have been writing my own music for 10 years. I was inspired after the summer that I performed 89 shows in a row at the ‘Medora Musical’ 3,000 seat outdoor amplitheater in Roosevelt National Park, ND. 

I released my first full length album (12 songs, 11 originals) in the final weeks of 2013. I was supported by over 125 Kickstarter pledgers for this CD. The album was partially recorded in Nashville, finished in Minneapolis, and has received countless amazing reviews by listeners. Fans frequently describe my songs as ‘unforgettable’ tunes, blending modern pop sensibilities with fundamental bluegrass instrumentation.